Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Horrorfest: Eight Films To Die For

Eight Films To Die For is a film festival that takes place only one week out of the year. It showcases horror films from both up and common directors and well known directors showing off their expertise in the genre by displaying films from horror, slasher, and thrillers. Last year's movies included The Grave Dancers, Death Ride, and The Forgotten. Though every movie may not be to your liking, the scripts are actually pretty well written aside from the normal generic horror scripts or sequel we see every Halloween. You can buy an all access pass at this website to reserve yourself seating for all eight movies and get an extras bag afterwards. You don't need to travel far, being a nationwide event, Horrorfest will take place in 350 theaters nationwide. Come on down and watch the masters of horror do what they do best.

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