Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Jane Adams' Hell House

As students at UIC I'm sure that most of the students have walked by the hull house at least once. It's that eerie looking house on Halsted street and Polk street with the long banner. Occasionally, there may even be a bus labeled "Chicago Ghost Tours" parked right outside the building. With a bus like that around, something must be wrong. Anyways, Jane Adam's Hull House is a landmark when it comes to the social movement in American cities like Chicago. The website in which i have provided a link to claims that the house stands for something more than social movement. In fact, it claims that at nighttime it is possible to see a young boy standing in the top window staring down at those who pass by. The author of the website claims that Jane Adams harbored a young "devil child" and now his ghost forever haunts the Hull House. The author also talks about hauntings of those who stay overnight in the house. With haunted locations like these, it's no wonder why UIC students are always avoiding class.

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