Sunday, October 28, 2007

Screenwriting- The Basics

In this article, Christopher Welsh explains the very basics to screenwriting. Once getting the idea for the perfect movie, and watching hundreds of movies and knowing where they went wrong and right, now you've got to write the screenplay and sell it. A screenplay serves two purposes, to tell a story and provide a guide to a filmmaker or director with which to make the movie. It is a story told in scenes. When writing a script, there are two basic elements that you have to keep in mind, action and dialog. Once, the script is finished, it must be formatted to meet certain industry standards. Mastering screenwriting, just like any other art, can take a lifetime, however, it can be very rewarding. The best way to write a good script and learn how it should be formatted, is to read screenplays. The basics are described in this article to give you a jumpstart on writing your first screenplay.

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