Tuesday, October 30, 2007


When I think of horror films, which isn’t vary often, I think of the Saw movies. Though I haven’t seen Saw IV yet, I have heard mixed reviews. The site I found was IMDb.com and it was the overview of Saw IV. The users rated the movie 6.8 out of 10 stars. Toward the bottom of the page users shared their comments. One wrote, “Who would've thought that a slasher horror film franchise, after three sequels, could STILL be one of the best things Hollywood has to boast today? Not I, that's for sure. The intricate, original, crowd pleasing, absolutely shocking, riveting, suspenseful "Saw" wowed audiences in 2004 and a very solid sequel did the same in 2005.” The user also said,” Saw IV is not the average horror flick.”“Saw IV delivers a completely different premise: it's darker, edgier, scarier, more complex, more intricately designed, and more controversial than its predecessors.” The user gave it a good review and now made me to want to see he movie even more! The link also has photos and videos from the movie.

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